Good old’ Johnny Cash – The ‘Sound’

I created a recording of my self doing some guitar licks (Intro’s & Solo’s) of some famous Johnny Cash songs. If your wondering what I mean by this, have you ever heard a twangy kind of sound in his songs? If you dont know what I mean, then take a look here…

Did you hear the the guitar at the beginning? Keep listening all the way through. Luther  Perkins was Johnny Cash’s electric guitar player from 1954-1968. Sadly he passed away (January 8, 1928 – August 5, 1968). You can read more about him here.

He created Johnny Cash’s ‘Boom-Chicka-Boom’ sound. And now, I just so happened to got my self interested in this sound and now I’m sharing with you me playing Luther’s part.

Two remarkable scientific discoveries

Physics ParticleAs a scientist I love the idea of things which seem far fetched. However, our current advancement stage in civilization has brought us that little step closer to unravelling the most profound mysteries of the universe. Two which I would gladly share with you are two extraordinary discoveries in the realm of Physics.

I bought a Server!

Welcome to my personal website; my space here on the web. Today is my birthday, and I’ve had enjoyed my day 🙂

With the money I got for my birthday and the money I had saved up, I went a head and bought my self a dedicated server situated in France. With this server I can accomplish my goals such as publishing my websites and hosting other services.  As a developer I did need this, as having a home server originally had a down time everyday and I could not pay for having it on 24/7. However it served a good purpose in hosting my gaming/web servers.

I’ll try and keep this website up to date and work on it every now and again.