About Me

Hi, thank you for spending some time here on my blog. My name is Owen and I am currently studying a HNC in Electronics. I’ve always had an interest in electronics ever since a young age, when I dismantled my mothers hoover when I was 3, placing each part back together in it’s rightful place – It worked. If you where to head over to “The Lab” here on my site, you’ll be able to see just some of the things that I have done. I’m planning on much more development since I’ve installed my own PV (Solar Panel) system in my room which powers half the things I run. My goal is to the run my home server 24/7 – It draws less than 250W. Never-the-less, I’m hard-working and won’t give up on a task until it’s right/works.

As for my other side, I also have an ability to program. I first started programming at the age of 8 when I created my first program for a game which connected to the game server you ran using an opensource library which manipulated packets being sent to the clients which altered the game play. This meant clients had their own GUI at which they could buy and sell cars and cruise around to earn money every 1km they drove in-game etc (It was a racing simulator.) This was built using a programming language called C#. I’m familiar with quite a few lanuguages, such as; PHP, JavaScript, C#, Python.

Feel free to drop a comment in any of my tutorials if you need assitance or if you spot anything wrong. Other people besides my self will help you if they can. The reason I create tutorials is because there may be something I’m trying to compile/setup but there isn’t much information on the web regarding the issue I’m having or the solution.

As for now, enjoy reading!

– Owen

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